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Medical Asset Management Experts.

Experienced Experts

Decades of experience managing healthcare assets

Fair Market Value

Precise valuations on pre-owned assets using advanced analytics

Lifecycle Planning

Operating without a well thought out asset plan can be costly – we can help

Meet “MIA”

Access to your inventory is always right in the palm of your hand with our Medical Inventory App

Optimizing the capital asset lifecycle for medical facilities

Plan Medical delivers comprehensive solutions ranging from inventory reconciliation, asset appraisal, capital planning, equipment acquisition, internal transfer and relocation, disposition and liquidation services.

Inventory Services

Ensure inventory clarity with a comprehensive view of assets for audit prep, compliance or facility consolidation

Fair Market Valuations

Know your equipment’s worth to ensure you’re obtaining the best possible returns

Facility Liquidations

Full project management services to inventory, appraise, liquidate & remove all assets while minimizing disruptions amidst challenging times.

Asset Disposal

You have options when retiring old assets- let us make certain you secure maximum return value.

Certified Pre-owned

Leverage our extensive network and solutions to stretch your budget without compromising quality

Lifecycle Asset Planning

Our proactive asset approach includes inventory analysis and leveraged data on useful life to develop a strategic capital replacement plan.


Plan Medical simplifies the process of buying and selling medical equipment through its user-friendly marketplace and auction platform, providing transparency and ease for both buyers and sellers.

Why Choose Plan Medical?

We are a leading provider in healthcare asset management, offering comprehensive solutions leveraging advanced technology and data analytics for medical facilities’ capital asset lifecycle, including valuations, reconciliations, planning, acquisitions, transfers, and liquidations, with a focus on maximizing returns and client satisfaction through innovation and expertise.

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