Plan Medical is a pioneering force in the healthcare asset management industry, specializing in a wide spectrum of services tailored to optimize the capital asset lifecycle for medical facilities. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and proprietary data, Plan Medical delivers comprehensive solutions ranging from medical asset valuations and inventory reconciliations to capital planning, acquisitions, internal transfers, and dispositions, along with efficient liquidation services.

With a collective experience of over two decades in the asset disposition arena, Plan Medical stands out by providing precise fair-market valuations for pre-owned medical assets using an advanced in-house data analytics tool. The company also offers a user-friendly custom web-based inventory system, an auction platform, and a mobile app to empower clients with accurate asset management, reconciliation, and effortless asset sales.

Plan Medical is at the forefront of facility liquidations, expertly managing projects for healthcare institutions in the United States and Canada undergoing relocations, expansions, or closures. The company’s commitment to maximizing returns ensures that clients recover the highest value for their medical assets.

Plan Medical’s dedication to innovation, technology, and customer satisfaction positions it as a trusted partner in navigating the complex world of medical asset management.