Relocations + Expansion: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

When you’re gearing up for a facility move or expansion, the excitement for the new location is palpable, and rightly so. However, it’s crucial not to overlook the logistics at the closing site. At Plan Medical, we understand your eagerness to focus on the future, and that’s why we step in to manage the details at your current location.

Our comprehensive relocation and expansion services cover every aspect, ensuring a seamless transition:

  • Inventory Processing: We handle inventory processing meticulously, providing you with the data you need for planning and projections at your new facility.

  • Final Removal: Our team takes care of the final removal of assets from your existing location, allowing you to vacate the premises smoothly and on schedule.
  • Project Management: Plan Medical offers project management services that encompass every phase of the relocation or expansion, from inventory assessment to asset removal. We ensure a worry-free transition so you can focus on your exciting new beginning.