Bankruptcy + Closures: Recovering Value from Assets

When a healthcare facility faces bankruptcy or closure, time is often of the essence. The urgency to vacate the site doesn’t mean you can’t recover value from your remaining assets. Plan Medical specializes in helping you navigate these challenging situations with efficiency and expertise.

Our services for bankruptcy and closures include:

  • Processing and Resale: We handle the processing and resale of existing equipment, ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your assets, even in challenging circumstances.
  • Project Management: Our experienced team takes charge of logistics and removal, ensuring a swift and organized departure from the facility.

At Plan Medical, we believe that even in difficult times, there are opportunities to recover value and minimize disruptions. Our tailored solutions and project management expertise are here to support you through every step of the process, allowing you to make the most of the situation.

Count on Plan Medical to turn closures into opportunities and ensure the smoothest possible transitions for your healthcare facility.