Effortless Asset Disposal: Focus on What Matters Most

Managing equipment dispositions can be a daunting task, often falling outside the scope of anyone’s job description within your organization. At Plan Medical, we believe your team should concentrate on what you do best. That’s why we’re here to take care of the asset disposal process, leaving you with the freedom to focus on your core activities.

Expertise in the Secondary Market:

Secondary market medical equipment is our specialty. Our dedicated specialists possess an in-depth understanding of the value of your equipment and have their finger on the pulse of current market trends. This expertise allows us to connect the right buyers with the right equipment, ensuring you get the best returns.

Expansive Buyer Network:

With access to a vast network of over 35,000 dealers, refurbishers, hospitals and healthcare institutions, we have the capability to connect sellers with other end-users. This strategic approach optimizes both sellers’ returns and buyers’ savings, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions:

Our asset disposal process has been streamlined and made more accessible than ever before, thanks to our specialized tech suite designed and developed exclusively for used medical equipment. Our suite empowers you to:

  • Reallocate assets within your system efficiently.
  • Facilitate seamless sales to other healthcare facilities.
  • Keep track of asset values and reporting—all in one centralized platform.

Our Three-Step Process:

Assess & Plan: We kickstart the process by conducting a thorough assessment to determine the value of your equipment and identify the methods that yield the highest returns.

Keep Value In-Network: Health systems can maximize their returns by efficiently managing internal asset transfers between facilities, reducing unnecessary costs.

Connect with Buyers: When it’s time to sell, our technology and extensive network work in harmony to bring you the best returns possible. We ensure that your assets find their ideal new homes.

Plan Medical simplifies the asset disposal journey, ensuring that you reap the rewards without the hassle. Let us manage the intricacies of disposition, so you can channel your energy into what truly matters for your healthcare institution.

Discover the ease of asset disposal with Plan Medical and regain the freedom to focus on your mission.