Inventory Reconciliation Projects: Ensuring Clarity and Confidence

At Plan Medical, we offer Inventory Reconciliation Projects designed to provide a comprehensive view of hospital assets without causing any disruption to patient care. Whether you’re preparing for an audit, consolidating facilities, or simply in need of an updated equipment list, our services deliver swift results and unmatched inventory confidence.

Features of our Hospital Inventory Reconciliation Services:

  • Seamless Asset Overview: Our expert team conducts reconciliation projects with precision, ensuring a seamless overview of all hospital assets in your facility. We understand the critical importance of maintaining patient care continuity throughout the process.
  • Audit Preparation: Plan Medical’s reconciliation services are particularly valuable for hospitals preparing for audits. We help you compile a clean, organized final record that can be easily downloaded in various formats (PDF, CSV, or XLS), presenting a detailed list of all equipment on-site.
  • Mergers and Facility Consolidation: For hospitals undergoing mergers or facility consolidation, our services facilitate a clear understanding of the combined assets, streamlining the transition process.
  • Updated Equipment Lists: We provide updated equipment lists that accurately reflect the assets currently on-site, helping you stay current and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Understanding Your Inventory: Our reconciliation report breaks down assets into three categories:

  • Verified Assets: These assets are not only on-site but also confirmed to be included on the original list uploaded at the beginning of the project.

  • Unverified Assets: While these assets were on the original list, they are not available on-site during the reconciliation process.

  • New Adds: These are assets discovered on-site but were not included in the original inventory list, allowing you to identify any discrepancies and take necessary actions.

Plan Medical’s commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and minimal disruption ensures that you gain a clear view of your capital equipment inventory. Our detailed reports empower you to make informed decisions, maintain compliance, and optimize your hospital’s asset management with complete confidence.