Conmed System 5000 ESU

Conmed System 5000 ESU

Condition: Refurbished

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Conmed’s System 5000™ Electrosurgical Generator (ESU) provides the flexibility to fine tune the electrosurgical unit to specific procedures and surgeon preferences. Modes on the System 5000™ include the Fluids Mode to compensate for engery loss in procedures taking place in a fluid environment, and Lap Mode, which limits open  circuit voltages to below 2700 volts in all modes and reduces the potential risk of inadvertent burns.

Built In Dynamic Response Technology

This technology delivers optimal clinical effects in all operational modes through the continuous synchronization of current and voltage. Advanced Digital Signal Processing architecture enables the system to sample current and voltage over 450,000 times per second and adjust the output accordingly to deliver consistent tissue effect.


General Mode – Provides full power performance for open surgical procedures
Fluids Mode – Provides immediate energy delivery for procedures performed in a fluid medium
Laparoscopic Mode – Provides optimal safety by limiting output voltage through microprocessor-controlled circuitry and minimizes the potential harmful effects of capacitive coupling, insulation breakdown and unintended burns
Pulse Cut Mode – Provides precise energy bursts for critical dissections
Multiple Bipolar Modes – Micro bipolar for fine and precise coagulation. Macro bipolar for more energy intensive bipolar applications
Programmable Memory Settings – Recalls up to nine user pre-programmed power/mode settings
Remote Power Control – Allows the surgeon to make power adjustments from within the surgical field using any hand-controlled electrosurgical pencil

Unique Pulse Coag Mode

Pulse Coag provides pulsing bursts of coagulation energy for precise hemostasis in standard or spray modes. Pulse Coag imparts less tissue carbonization than standard coag at equivalent power settings. The electrosurgical energy is pulsed on and off every 2.5 milliseconds, providing higher peak power with an effective lower average power.


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