Conmed System 7550 Electrosurgical Generator

Conmed System 7550 Electrosurgical Generator

Condition: Refurbished

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The ConMed® System 7550™ with Argon Beam Coagulation (ABC®) technology offers an exceptional level of rapid hemostasis.

Argon Beam Coagulation allows the surgeon to achieve reduction in blood loss, surgical time and surgical plume. Surgeons use this electrosurgical generator in a number of surgical procedures, including open, laparoscopy, and gastroenterology

Argon Beam Coagulation

High level hemostasis performance creates important clinical benefits for the patient, hospital and physician
Reduction in blood loss
Reduction in surgical time
Reduction of electrosurgical plume
Reduction of tissue carbonization and thermal penetration

Specialty Modes Eliminate the Guess Work

AUTO Mode uses onboard programming to optimize Power/Gas integration for all open procedures
ENDO Mode for use in laparoscopic and G.I. procedures
MANUAL Mode allows the surgeon to fine-tune power and flow rates to achieve unique levels of performance and hemostasis

Ease of Use

Intuitive control panel
Large, easy-to-read LED displays
9 programmable memory settings reduce set-up time
Dual hand control receptacles for simultaneous use

Electrosurgery Features

Monopolar CUT with nine levels of increasing hemostasis provides unmatched dissection performance
Pulsed CUT provides slow interval coagulation to control difficult bleeding
Spray COAG for a wider coagulation pattern with limited thermal penetration
Bipolar COAG for a wide range of applications Remote Power Control Surgeons can modify the electrosurgical effect from within the sterile field by adjusting power levels with a standard electrosurgical pencil. It is as simple as a double-click Patient Safety
ARM (Automatic Return Monitoring) monitors the patient/pad interface and will instantly interupt power delivery and gas flow if a pad fault condition occurs
Isolated technology helps reduce the potential for alternate site burns


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