Datex Ohmeda S/5 Monitor

Datex Ohmeda S/5 Monitor

Condition: Refurbished

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The Datex Ohmeda S5 is a modular workhorse with open architecture.  It is user configurable and highly flexible in anesthesia environments. The Ohmeda S5 supports multiple screens, has a dedicated alarm system with automatic limits, and provides advanced reporting options.  Upgrade at any time to the modules you need.  Optional modules include:  ECG, SpO2, Temp, CO2, 2-IBP, NIBP, and 5 Agent.


Central Unit and Displays

Central Unit and displays are physically separate components
Four display options with integrated monitor controls: 15″ or 17″ high resolution color video display and 10.4″ or 15″ flat panel color LCD display
Large 21″ color slave CRT display
User configurable display layout and colors
Support for up to 8 waveforms on screen
Support for user configurable second and third screen with different waveform and numerical information
Anesthesia dedicated alarm system
Alarms display and adjustment page
10-minute graphical mini trends referenced to set alarm limits
Automatic alarm limits function
Six user configurable modes and special cardiac bypass mode
24 hour numerical and graphical trends
Split screen capability to show ST, spirometry loop, EEG, EP or mini trends permanently
Four user-configurable graphical trend pages
Trend cursor in both graphical and numerical trends
Waveform snapshots to store and recall waveform samples
Help function
On-line help for menu functions
Open software and hardware architecture
Easy insertion/removal of plug-in parameter modules without interrupting other monitoring
Anesthesia care oriented user interface
Optional extended arrhythmia analysis
Connector for Datex-Ohmeda S/5™ Device Interfacing Solution

S/5™ ComBar

Anesthesia specific command bar for intuitive access to the monitoring functions
Removable command bar brings monitor controls close to the user

S/5™ Extension Frame

Frame with 4 additional module slots
Moves patient cables close to the patient
Single cable connects the Extension Frame to the s/5 anesthesia Monitor’s Central Unit
Reduces patient cable clutter
Mounts to any vertical or horizontal pole

S/5™ Remote Controller

Remote Controller for intuitive monitor operation
ComWheel™ and 12 keys, direction function keys for most common functions


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