Drager Evita 4 Ventilator

Drager Evita 4 Ventilator

Condition: Refurbished

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The Dräger Evita 4 is a ventilator for every patient population. The Evita 4 was designed to meet the demanding requirements of the ICU environment by improving the interactions between patient, ventilator and clinician. The functional touch screen continually provides the clinician information on ventilator settings, patient measurements and advanced trending capabilities which enhances the operation of the device. Unique features and modalities such as AutoFlow™ and APRV are standard on all Evita 4 ventilators.

One ventilator for every patient population

Neonatal, pediatric, adult – Evita 4 can be used to ventilate any patient category, reducing the amount of staff training required and ensuring greater resource flexibility.

The neonatal option, NeoFlow™, offers flow measurement at the Y-piece for precise volume and leak monitoring with accurate, responsive triggering to patient effort.

Intuitive user interface

Configurable trends, loops, measured values, curves and logbook are displayed on the full-color screen for a complete customized overview of the ventilation therapy. The user-friendly display shows only the active control elements to ensure immediate recognition of the required settings. The robust touch screen combines highly flexible operation with direct access to rotary knobs and keys.

Excellent weaning performance

PCV+/ BIPAPTM*, the universal mode for ventilation and weaning, gives a patient the freedom to breathe spontaneously at any time, reducing the need for sedation and invasiveness of ventilation to optimize the patient’s ability to wean off the ventilator. Automatic Tube Compensation (ATC™) gives a patient the feeling of virtual extubation by eliminating the work involved in breathing through an endotracheal tube, improving the weaning process.

Conventional and mask ventilation

Mask ventilation can complement the weaning process by reducing the reintubation rate or even preventing intubation in the first place. The fact that Evita 4 offers the alternative of mask ventilation (NIV) means you only need one device for conventional and non-invasive ventilation.


Evita 4 is based on a concept of innovative continuity. The device’s modular design ensures upgradeability and upward compatibility while the user interface and sensors, for example, are based on the continuity principle to guarantee a high degree of familiarity.

A record of innovation

The Evita 4 story has been marked by a series of advances in ventilation therapy, ATC was introduced in 1997 to achieve virtual extubation, NeoFlow in 1998 for neonatal ventilation, and NIV in 2001 to make mask and conventional ventilation possible from a single device.

Safe investment

Even the first Evita 4 machines can be upgraded to include all the features of the latest models – clear evidence that Evita 4 is a good investment.

Basic research

Dräger Medical still invests a significant proportion of its human and financial resources in basic research – because we know this is a vital prerequisite for innovation and will continue to be so in the future.


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