Drager Fabius MRI-Compatible Anesthesia Machine

Drager Fabius MRI-Compatible Anesthesia Machine

Condition: Refurbished

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MRI-compatible anesthesia machine with trusted Dräger anesthesia platform.

The Draeger Fabius MRI is the MRI-Compatible version of the trusted, industry-leading anesthesia platform. With the Draeger E-vent piston-controlled ventilator and cost-effective modular design, the Fabius MRI delivers the industry-expected level of care while being suitable for use in 1.5 tesla and 3 tesla MRI environments.


  • MRI-compatible anesthesia machine developed for 1.5 tesla and 3 tesla MRI environments.
  • Designed for a broad range of patient ages and acuity levels.
  • Cost-effective, modular design can be easily upgraded.
  • E-vent servo-controlled piston ventilator requires no drive gas.
  • Ventilation modes:
    • Manual / Spontaneous
    • Volume Control (IPPV)
    • Pressure Control (PCV)
    • Pressure Support (PS)
    • Synchronized Volume Controlled Ventilation with PS (SIMV/PS)
  • Color-coded alarms are easily visible and alert users to changing patient needs.
  • High-resolution color TFT display provides excellent brightness and contrast for increased visibility.
  • Fixed and adjustable handles for easily positioning and maneuvering throughout your facility.
  • Onboard rails on the front and rear of the machine allow for the inclusion of MR-validated components and accessories.
  • Three drawers provide ample storage and organization.
  • Compact Breathing System COSY 2.6 can be mounted on the right or left side, easily removed for cleaning and sterilization.
  • Four wheels with central braking system effectively enables fast and easy interlocking or release.


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