Drager Infinity M300 Patient Monitor

Drager Infinity M300 Patient Monitor

Condition: Refurbished

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The Drager Infinity M300 is a compact is an easy to read patient monitor that displays the patient’s ECG for all monitored leads, heart rate, SpO2, electrode status and demographics to help confirm the patient’s identification. With the built-in sound capabilities, the M300 monitor has integrated alarms that will sound at both the patient’s side and central monitoring station. There’s even an alarm function that will help locate the device if it is lost.

Based on industry-standard wireless technology, the Infinity M300 provides itself continuous standalone monitoring – even if the patient moves outside the range of the wireless network. To recharge the M300 monitor, a multi-device charger can be used at the central monitoring station or a bedside charger may be used while the patient wears the device.


  • 3- to 6-wire ECG monitoring with TruST™ 12-lead
  • Wireless networking using commercial WiFi components
  • Battery charging at bedside or multi-device charger
  • Compact and light design with easy to read color display
  • Alarms alerts and controls to support the telemetry workflow


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