Elekta Precise Linear Accelerator

Elekta Precise Linear Accelerator

Condition: Refurbished

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The Elekta Precise offers personalized cancer care

The Elekta Precise is a flexible linear accelerator that quickly delivers safe and accurate cancer treatment. Elekta uses human-centric software to ensure that the patient care plan is as streamlined as possible, to give clinicians more time to focus on the patient. It is designed to optimize clinical workflow to meet the requirements of each clinic’s setup and process, and its ergonomic design ensures that each treatment matches the patients needs.


  • Integrated digital control system
  • Large gantry isocenter clearance
  • Delivers photon and electron treatments
  • Anti-collision protection for enhanced safety
  • Supports a range of pre-configured/optional delivery techniques to improve flexibility
  • Easy-to-use image review tools allow patient position verification and correction with efficient workflows
  • High quality, low dose images
  • Single, double and multiple image acquisition modes
  • Assisted set-up and remote table movements
  • Images of the treatment field can be captured during the session for verification of dose placement
  • Multileaf collimator


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