Elekta Synergy LINAC System

Elekta Synergy LINAC System

Condition: Refurbished

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The Elekta Synergy is a market-leading linear acceleration system that allows clinicians to visualize and treat patients in the same frame of reference. It uses cutting-edge technology in IGRT, IMRT, and advance delivery techniques. The Elekta Synergy ensures that radiation is delivered only where it’s needed by using low-dose energy and active leakage reduction.

The Elekta Synergy is easy to upgrade, allowing your clinic to meet the standards of today’s fast-developing technology without having to make new purchases.


  • 2D, 3D and 4D volumetric cone-beam imaging for soft tissue visualization
  • Large field-of-view
  • Real-time patient position verification
  • Low dose cone beam precision
  • Locates targets that move frequently, allowing for organ motion visualization
  • Offers choice of up to three photon energies
  • Integrated digital control for accurate dose delivery
  • Supports advance delivery techniques
  • Fast patient throughput
  • Easy to upgrade for future use
  • Large clearance around patient
  • Back-up diaphragm automatically reduces leakage dose
  • Offers a 90 cm diameter around isocenter, making patient set-up easier
  • Enables capabilities such as stereotactic add-on packages
  • Fully integrated multi-leaf collimator
  • Single-action keypad
  • Digital treatment center to personalize imaging and treatment workflows
  • Large field-of-view for optimized soft tissue visualization
  • Different IGRT configurations to meet the needs of the patient


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