GE Aestiva 5 Anesthesia Machine – Datex Ohmeda

GE Aestiva 5 Anesthesia Machine – Datex Ohmeda

Condition: Refurbished

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The GE Datex Ohmeda Aestiva®5 is one of the most popular units of its generation, it has a rock solid feature set while being very efficient and user friendly. If you are in the market for technology you already know or trying to match a fleet of GE products the Aestiva® 5 is an excellent choice.

SmartVent – The machine’s SmartVent offers excellent respiratory function, but saves the cost of a separate ventilator.  Its flexible design and straight forward operation enhance the SmartVent’s capabilities to give a higher level of control.

Low Flow Anesthesia – The Aestiva® 5 provides optimized low flow anesthesia. This enhances safety while reducing the agent operating costs of the machine.

Modular Techology – The flexible open interfaces will allow you to use your current monitors and systems, stay in budget, and still have functional integration. The built-in machine diagnostics makes for streamlined service and preventive maintenance.

Key Features

7900 SmartVent™ Built in Ventilation

  • Volume Mode, Pressure
  • Volume Mode, Pressure Control Mode, Pressure Support (PSVPro®), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV), electronic PEEP
  • Tidal volume compensation
  • Cardiac bypass case mode
  • Quickly move to total standby: end case
  • Easily switch from mechanical mode to manual

Open systems architecture

  • Customizable drawers and shelving
  • Lower height to accomodate add-ons

Patient breathing system

  • Eight machine hoses or cables integrated
  • “No tools” necessary for key components
  • Autoclavable and latex-free
  • Convenient common gas outlet placement

Low flow anesthesia and reduced life cycle costs

  • Fresh gas flow compensation—automatically
  • Smooth, faster acting fresh gas flow control
  • Minimum O2 flow of 50 mL
  • Dual air flow tube for low flow
  • Two scheduled maintenance checks per year


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