GE Dash 2000 Pro Monitor

GE Dash 2000 Pro Monitor

Condition: Refurbished

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Only the DASH 2000 Pro provides clinicians with GE Medical Systems Information Technologies gold-standard performance at such an affordable price. This unique combination of performance and value makes the DASH 2000 Pro ideal for special procedure rooms and physicians offices.


Gold-Standard NIBP Accuracy

Only full-featured monitor with DINAMAP® technology built-in
System consistently produces the most accurate, reliable NIBP determinations available in a bedside monitor
Stepped deflation with patented peak matching technology helps ride through artifact
Ideally suited for NICU, PICU and adult hypertensive patients

Gold-Standard Arrhythmia Detection

EK-Pro® simultaneous multi-lead arrhythmia detection sets the standard for sensitivity and specificity in a patient monitor
Multiple leads assure uninterrupted monitoring and help detect localized events that otherwise might be missed
Incremental updating helps eliminate noise, for accurate tracking of subtle, progressive changes in beat shapes
Continuous correlation provides accurate QRS detection in the presence of noise or artifact
Contextual analysis helps reduce false alarm rates and improve arrhythmia recognition relative to a given patient’s unique rhythm

Easy To Use

Shares a common user interface with all GE Medical Systems Information Technologies monitors for quick, confident transitioning from one monitor to the next
Intuitive menu structure simplifies operation and minimizes training
Common connectors with SOLAR® and TRAM® monitors allow quick seamless transition should changing patient condition call for higher-acuity monitoring


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