Hausted SurgiChair

Hausted SurgiChair

Condition: Refurbished

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The highly-adjustable Hausted SurgiChair is an ideal choice for the busy ophthalmology, ENT, or plastic surgery practice. It provides maximum head support, with dual operation control knobs for full, precise articulation. Clinicians can electronically adjust the head and leg sections with the handset control.

The Hausted SurgiChair is designed to decrease throughput time from pre-induction, to transport, treatment and recovery. All of these can be completed without moving the patient from the chair, reducing the unnecessary risks associated with patient transfer.


  • Articulating head piece allows for exact positioning of the head and neck.
  • Easily converts from horizontal to supine position.
  • Chair’s versatility increases throughput from pre-induction to recovery.
  • Handheld control for quick caregiver and patient adjustments.
  • Emergency backrest release lever returns chair to horizontal position.
  • Adjustable backrest, leg rest, height and Trendelenburg.
  • Seat height lowers to 19 inches for patient accessibility.
  • Battery back-up allows temporary power functions when no power is available.
  • 3-inch mattress covered with sheer reduction, 4-way stretch upholstery.
  • 500 pound weight capacity.


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