Hill-Rom Centra Series 850 / 852 Hospital Bed

Hill-Rom Centra Series 850 / 852 Hospital Bed

Condition: Refurbished

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Refurbished Hill-Rom Centra 850/852 hospital beds are adjustable and have a sturdy, long-lasting frame.

Perfect for hospitals, surgery centers and teaching facilities!

Refurbishing Procedures

Spring sleep surface (standard) or orthopedic/hard pan surface (upgrade)
New PC boards with a 5-year warranty
Fully rebuilt side rails w/ new plastics and switches
New head/foot boards, your choice of laminate colors, lifetime warranty
New paint: Taupe (standard) or light neutral (upgrade)
New labels
New motor couplings and capacitors
New mattresses built to OEM specifications
Rebuilt casters with new components and wheels
220-Volt transformers available
Full function tests
Basic bed function (head, knee, high-low)


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