Maquet Alphastar Pro Surgical Table

Maquet Alphastar Pro Surgical Table

Condition: Refurbished

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The Maquet Alphastar Pro is a modular, mobile operating table known for its exceptional column stability, the versatility of the table top, and the low-level version for operations performed from the seated position. The motorized leg plate mounting point enhances flexibility and the stable operating table enables a safe and precise workplace.

The Alphastar Pro can be deployed for all surgical disciplines. It offers the best conditions for working comfort with height adjustments, motor-adjustable leg plates and its narrow column foot for ease of access. An extension plate on the foot side allows good radiolucency. Available with various compatible accessories, including shoulder supports, CFC accessories and more.


Height Adjustability Two versions for maximum user comfort in sitting and standing positions are available
Normal version: 685 to 1120 mm (27 to 44 in)
Low version: 598 to 950 mm (23.5 to 37 in)
Uniform mounting point geometry means that ALPHASTAR PRO offers the ideal prerequisites for a wide range of positioning options
Easy Click mounting point and a broad range of socket-mounted modules to easily and comfortably adapted to a wide variety of surgical tasks and patient heights
A backlit keypad and self-explanatory icons make working in a darkened MIS theater more intuitive.


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