Marquette Centralscope Central Monitor

Marquette Centralscope Central Monitor

Condition: Refurbished

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The Centralscope 12C serves as a central review and graphing terminal for the Unity Network. The Centralscope 12C includes color CRT display, a keyboard, a thermal writer, the touch screen and the trim knob. Data is stored on an internal hard drive and updates can be accomplished by the built in floppy drive. The color CRT displays waveform and alphanumeric information received from the bedsides. The keyboard allows the operator to input alphanumeric information into the Centralscope. The built in touch screen allows the operator easy access to information being displayed on the CRT. The trim knob serves the same function as the keyboard and the touch screen. The Centralscope 12C can be configured for up to eight (8) patients.


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