Midmark 604 Manual Exam Table

Midmark 604 Manual Exam Table

Condition: Refurbished

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Midmark’s 604 Manual Exam Table was designed with the physician, staff and patient in mind and gives you the best economy exam room option available. However, this cost-effective table does not skimp on patient comfort. With the new 604, the physician can easily position patients so that they are comfortable and relaxed throughout the exam.

The new look of your exam room will also improve the overall impact of your office environment through the 604’s stylized look featuring a one- piece upholstered top.

The 604 not only looks great… but is also simple to clean. In addition, the 604 is user-friendly as its pneumatic cylinder assists in easily placing the counterbalanced top in an infinite number of positions. Release handles on both sides of the top section make positioning easy.

Ultra-Premium™ Top option is more comfortable for your patients, giving your practice an exclusive feel and elevating your reputation.

Flex Drawer Design

A flexible rear drawer design allows changing to either right-hand or left-hand access without the use of tools. This eliminates the potential for wall damage or the unkept look of pass-through drawer systems.

Premium Comfort System™

Unique elastomeric material stretched over a seat cut-out is designed to enhance patient comfort for a “chair-like” feel in an exam table. The upholstery is removable and available with optional heater.

Exam Assistant™ Fold-Down Drawer System

Provides an area to store basic pelvic and examination supplies at your fingertips. Its unique fold-down front can also turn into a work shelf for examination assistance.

Large Foot Step

A new rubberized, easy-to-clean pad makes this footstep slip-resistant. The 40% larger footstep has bright yellow edging to assist the visually impaired in seeing the step edges clearly.

Heavy Construction

The solid construction of this table can support larger patients up to 500 pounds, as well as provide many years of use.


Premium/Ultra-Premium Top: 28.5″ W x 59.5″ L (72.4 cm W x 151.1 cm L)
Pelvic Tilt (1.5 degrees or 7 degrees)
Heated Drawer (45 watt)


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