Midmark 641 Power Procedures Chair

Midmark 641 Power Procedures Chair

Condition: Refurbished

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The Midmark 641 offers the positioning, accessibility and patient comfort you require in order to complete procedures in your office…and it’s affordable.

The number of procedures performed in the U.S. is rapidly increasing, and advances in anesthesia and innovations in surgical techniques have allowed a shift of these procedures to outpatient settings. These trends will continue as efforts intensify to combat the escalating costs of healthcare.

Today, 20 percent of all surgical procedures are performed in office-based settings. Experts predict this percentage will continue to increase as healthcare professionals seek ways to improve practice efficiency and profit.

The percentage of U.S. citizens age 65 or older will climb steadily over the next two decades. This aging population, consisting primarily of more active and demanding baby boomers, is expected to increase overall demand for office-based procedures.

The Midmark 641 delivers maximum accessibility to your patient.


Patient Accessibility

Narrow patient support surface and slim back section provide the accessibility you require. Work closer to patient with proper posture for a long, injury-free career.

Side Rail Adjustment

Tuck away side rail for improved accessibility to patient. Extend for mounting accessories. To adjust, simply loosen knob, position rail and tighten knob.

Powered Multi-Positioning

Proper patient positioning is critical during procedures. Powered movement of seat, back, foot and tilt offer multi-positioning capabilities, improving comfort and reducing likelihood of injury.

Versatile positioning. Maximum head and neck access. Premium comfort.

Height Adjustment

Accommodate taller patients with simple adjustment. Loosen knob, move headrest to desired position and tighten knob. Positive clamp action assures stability. Headrest is also removable.

Standard Hand and Foot Control Offer Versatility in Patient Positioning

Two ports allow connection of the hand and foot control, which means chair movement can be conveniently controlled by hand, foot or both.

The ergonomic design not only gives the controls a high-end appearance, but more importantly, allows for comfortable operation. And, the protective overlay on the foot control provides resistance to undesirable particles making it extremely easy to clean, simply wipe it off.

Auto-Return (returns seat to lowest height) and QuickChair™ (returns chair to Barrier-Free™ entry position) offer efficient patient dismounting.

Foot Extension

Extend foot rest for taller patients. Squeeze recessed lever on either side to unlock and rotate to extend. Lightweight for easy operation and equipped with safety system to prevent collision with floor.

Premium Comfort System™

Advanced elastomeric material stretched over a seat cutout enhances patient comfort for a “chair-like” feel in a procedures table.

Options (that improve efficiency)


Procedure rooms are being equipped with more and larger devices. Inefficiency results when having to move them to the patient. Optional rotation simplifies this task by allowing the patient to be repositioned instead of the device.

Simple touch of pedal on either side of chair permits 350 degrees of rotation; touch pedal again to lock chair in place. It’s that easy!


Enjoy the time savings of optional One-Touch Positioning. Press a single button and ALL sections move simultaneously from chair (or any current position) to flat position (or any programmed position). Store four favorite positions.

Electrical Outlets

Optional hospital grade outlets (on each side) allow easy access to electrical power providing a clean look to the room and floor space free of power cords.


Wireless Controls

Remove cords and eliminate obstacles. Enjoy freedom of locating the hand and foot control anywhere in the room. Low battery audible indicator provides early warning of approaching battery replacement.

Chair Arms

Upholstered and contoured for comfort. Arms automatically lower with chair back offering patients a sense of security and place to rest arms. Arms swivel and lock into different positions and are removable, all without use of tools.

641 Headrest Accessories

Flat Headrest

Flat surface prevents pooling of liquid and allows easier side-to-side movement of head.

Dimensions: 8 (H) × 9 (W) inches

Magnetic Headrest

Slide contoured section anywhere along flat section to achieve optimal positioning. Held in position by magnets.

Dimensions: 8 (H) × 10 (W) inches

Oval-Shaped Headrest

Oval, contoured surface increases patient comfort without sacrificing accessibility to patient.

Dimensions: 13 (H) × 13 (W) inches

Rectangular-Shaped Headrest

Accommodates larger patients, and during procedures, can serve as resting location for arms.

Dimensions: 12 (H) × 19 (W) inches

U-Shaped Headrest

Provides comfortable and proper support of head for patients in prone position. Positioning flexibility assures proper alignment of patient’s back for increased comfort.

Dimensions: 10 (H) × 11 ½ (W) inches

Headrest Interchangeability

Easily adapt to different requirements with tool-less interchangeability of several headrest accessories. To detach, loosen knob, rotate headrest up and remove. To attach, align and engage, rotate headrest down and tighten knob.

Wrist Rest Support

Reduces fatigue of staff when supporting patient’s head during procedure. Supports adjust up and down and also pivot.

Articulating Armboard

Attaches to either side of chair and supports patient’s arm during procedures and administering of IVs. Ball joint design permits multi-directional movement. Squeeze lever, position armboard and release lever, it’s that simple!

Dimensions: 7 (W) × 24 (L) inches

Fixed Armboard

Similar to articulating armboard less ball joint design and multi-directional movement. Height and position on side rail are only adjustments.

Dimensions: 7 (W) × 24 (L)

Hand Surgery Armboard

Attaches to either side of chair and supports patient’s arm during procedures on arm and hand. Adjustable leg extends to floor for increased stability. Attachment clamp allows rotary adjustment of armboard.

Dimensions: 8 ½ (W) × 26 (L) inches


Locking casters provide mobility without sacrificing valuable floor space. Casters add 3 ½ inches to minimum and maximum seat height and create space under chair for Mayo stand legs.

Restraint Straps

Improve safety by securing patient to chair before, during and after procedure. Restraint strap width and location are adjustable accommodating different patient demographics.

Double Arm Instrument Tray

Holds instruments and supplies where needed most, close to the patient. Attaches to either side of chair saving valuable floor space. Double arm design allows wide range of motion. Single arm version available.

IV Pole

Attaches to either side of chair saving valuable floor space. Adjustable height.

Paper Roll Holder

Holds 18 × 3 ½ inches paper roll in a location that avoids interfering with accessibility to patient.


  • Premium Upholstery Top: Seamless design for easy cleaning
  • Ultra-Premium Upholstery Top: Stitched, plush design for high-end appearance and unparalleled comfort
  • Programmability: Four positions that you customize to your needs
  • Electrical Outlets: Duplex, hospital grade (on each side)
  • Rotation: Allows 350° of table rotation and adds 3.5″ to the minimum and maximum seat height specifications


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