Midmark 647 Barrier-Free

Midmark 647 Barrier-Free

Condition: Refurbished

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  • Power tilt and back
  • 450 pound patient weight capacity
  • 21″ fixed seat height
  • 9″ foot section extension
  • Sealed foot control standard
  • Integrated touch controls standard
  • Chair arms standard
  • Choice of Premium seamless or Ultra-Premium plush upholstery
  • Meets UL 60601-1 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1-M90 standards
  • Table weight: 323 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 405 lbs.

The Midmark 646 and 647 Power Podiatry Chairs Offer These Standard Features

Ergonomic Foot Section

The easy-to-reach, release handles allow for one-handed, smooth, quiet operation. Integrated touch controls means there is no hand control to get knocked to the ground, eliminating costly breakage and allowing unrestricted patient access. Patent Pending

Aseptic Design

Covered glides on the foot section and debris tray help keep dirt and debris out to protect the smooth operation and to provide a clean, aseptic working environment your patients will appreciate. Patent pending

Chair Arms

Chair arms can be easily installed or removed for your convenience…all without the use of tools.

Chair Arm Rotation

Chair arms offer the patient a sturdy platform for accessing the chair. The arms rotate completely out of the way, providing accessibility for patients with mobility concerns, such as disabled or obese patients.

Sealed Foot Control

Midmark’s foot control is sealed against dirt and debris, making cleaning simple and ensuring long life. Quick Chair™ button returns the table to the chair position for quick patient exit.

Powered Multi-Positioning

The Midmark 647 offers a Barrier-Free® low height of 19″, allowing disabled and obese patients easy accessibility. Our custom designed motors quickly move your patients into proper exam position, allowing you to be more productive. Powered movement of the seat, back, and tilt gives you the flexibility of positioning patients where you need them.

The Midmark 647 Podiatry Chair offers these additional features which add functionality, versatility and improve efficiency


Chair rotation can provide you with the needed space to work, even in the smallest of rooms. A simple touch of the pedal on either side of the chair permits 350° of rotation; touch the pedal again to lock the chair in place. It’s that easy.


Optional One-Touch, programmable positioning quickly moves all sections of the chair to the programmed position simultaneously… speed, efficiency and simplicity with the touch of a button.

Electrical Receptacles

Optional hospital grade electrical receptacles allow easy access to electrical power, freeing your floor space from power cords, creating a clean look in the procedure room.


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