Mindray V12 Patient Monitor

Mindray V12 Patient Monitor

Condition: Refurbished

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Modular patient monitoring system is convenient, cost-effective

The Mindray V12 is a versatile patient monitor that features a modular design fully scalable to meet the demands of a variety of clinical applications. Designed to serve as both a bedside and transport monitors, medical staff can simply remove the portable V12 from the VDock to ready the unit for transport — without needed to disconnect cables or move modules. Featuring color-coded patient monitor connectors with unique key-code feature to help clinicians quickly respond to a patient’s changing condition.


Monitoring parameters include: ECG, NIBP, HR, IBP, TEMP, SpO2, CO2.
Versatile patient monitor with integrated module bay.
Designed to serve as both a bedside and transport monitor.
Modular design is fully scalable to meet the needs of each care unit.
Interchangeable system elements for added convenience, affordability.
Integrated wireless capability.
Color-coded patient monitor connectors.
Unique, key-code feature.


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