Newport E100m Respiratory Ventilator

Newport E100m Respiratory Ventilator

Condition: Refurbished

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The Newport E100M offers built-in valve and versatility in a simple to use ventilator with a history of exceptional reliability.

Innovative new features such as Advanced Trigger Control and Auto-Set Alarms make ventilator management easier and can improve patient care. In addition to comprehensive alarms and monitoring, the E100M offers:

  • Volume or Pressure Ventilation
  • Back-up Ventilation
  • DuoFlow PLUS (with Time-Limited Demand Flow)
  • 8 hour Internal Battery Back-up
  • Built-in Air/Oxygen Mixer

The compact size and advanced features of the E100M allow it to easily fit in those areas of the hospital where space is limited and ease of use is appreciated; for emergency room, intra-hospital transport, post anesthesia recovery, etc. For subacute and long term care applications the E100M offers improved comfort for patients and low cost of ownership for facilities.

Value — The Newport E100M is designed to deliver reliability and versatility. It is ideal for most patient applications, eliminating the need for and expense of age specific or application limited equipment.

Performance — The Newport E100M features comprehensive functions which are easy to learn and easy to use. New advances, such as Advanced Trigger Control and Auto-Set Alarms, simplify the set-up and management of the ventilator. The DuoFlow PLUS system allows you to improve comfort, synchrony and work of breathing for spontaneously breathing patients. And the system’s extensive monitoring, alarm systems and built-in battery provide you with added security and safety. On a cost per feature ratio, your best investment for performance and reliability is the E100M.

Flexibility — The Newport E100M mounting and set-up options offer you more flexibility. Adding a compact air compressor allows use of the ventilator where piped-in gas is not available. Mounted on a stand and pole, the E100M is compact and stable for easy mobility. The optional E-cylinder holders streamline patient transport.

Safety — The Newport E100M features maximum patient safety with added functions including Apnea Back-up Ventilation and a Remote Alarm Outlet. When the Auto-Set Alarm button is pressed the E100M automatically selects high and low pressure alarm settings and the built-in battery allows 6 to 8 hours of intra-hospital transport or emergency power operation.


DuoFlow Plus

As you wean a patient, you may gradually decrease the number of mandatory breaths and rely on the patient to take over more responsibility for ventilation with spontaneous breaths. Weaning success may be affected by how the patient tolerates the increase in work load.

Newport’s unique DuoFlow PLUS system allows you to make the patient more comfortable during spontaneous breathing by providing a higher flow at the onset of effort which drops to a lower flow as effort subsides. This can ease patient work for spontaneous breathing and also help to decrease expiratory resistance, improve mandatory breath triggering and decrease ventilator gas consumption.

Advanced Trigger Control

Throughout the patient’s course of mechanical ventilation, circuit leaks or physiologic changes may impact the effectiveness of the Trigger setting. Since an appropriate Trigger setting is essential for maintaining patient/ventilator synchrony, the bedside clinician must re-adjust Trigger regularly to keep the ventilator sensitive to patient efforts without artifact triggering.

With Newport’s introduction of Advanced Trigger Control (ATC), a simple push of a button ensures that the Trigger setting is automatically re-adjusted as patient or circuit conditions change. The ATC feature can provide improved patient/ventilator synchrony even when you cannot be at the bedside.

Interface Output

The E100M features an RS232 Output to interface with a central monitoring system and a 4:1 Inverse Ratio capability which can provide greater ventilation flexibility.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Includes Peak, Mean and Base Airway Pressure, Set Tidal Volume, I:E, Total Frequency and % Battery Charge.


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