Philips Intellivue MX40 Telemetry Device

Philips Intellivue MX40 Telemetry Device

Condition: Refurbished

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Wearable, compact design for multi-parameter monitoring throughout your facility

The Philips IntelliVue MX40 is a compact, lightweight patient monitor designed give patients the freedom of movement while still providing continuous ECG monitoring. Using color touchscreen, healthcare staff can easily monitor and adjust the device’s parameters. When the patient is moving about the care facility, the automatic sleep mode conserves battery and protects patient privacy.


Compact, wearable monitor designed to give patients increased mobility throughout the hospital or medical facility.
Color touchscreen display allows you to view patient status with a single touch.
Wide variety of monitoring parameters available including: ECG, HR, SpO2, Pulse, ST, QT, Respiration and Blood Pressure.
Easy-to-use interface compatible with IntelliVue family of devices.
Easily configurable patient demographic data.
Up to five screen formats for a truly customized user experience.
Automatic sleep mode conserves battery, protects patient privacy.
Configurable alarms can sound if needed or stay silent to maintain a calm, quiet environment.
Wireless capabilities included.


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