Skytron 6500 O.R. Table

Skytron 6500 O.R. Table

Condition: Refurbished

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The Skytron 6500 is C-Arm compatible and has a 500-lb. patient capacity

Skytron 6500 surgical tables are available in manual, electric, and remote control models. These operating tables are C-Arm compatible with a 500 lb patient capacity. Positions include: Trendelenburg, back (raise or lower), side (lateral tilt), foot (raise or lower), and flex (“v” or inverted “v”).

In addition to the 6500, refurbished models are available from the Skytron 5000, 6000, 6500 HD, and 7000 series.


Manual, electric, and remote control models
500 lb capacity
C-Arm compatible
X-ray top set
180 degree table top rotation
Return to level
Removable powered leg section
Accommodates taller patients with the adjustable head section
Use the reversible head section as a foot extension while transferring patients
Sturdy, easy-to-clean stainless steel column and base
Brakes are completely mechanical and provide dependable performance, even when there is no power to the machine
Positions include:
Back (raise or lower)
Side (lateral tilt)
Foot (raise or lower)
Flex (“v” or inverted “v”)
Operates on line or battery power
Helps reduce surgeon back strain via a narrow base design that has ample toe space clearance
Push button break system
Large perineal cut-out
Kidney bridge with 5″ of additional lift


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