Skytron UltraSlide 3600B Surgical Table

Skytron UltraSlide 3600B Surgical Table

Condition: Refurbished

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Versatile operating table is highly customizable for a variety of surgical applications

The Skytron UltraSlide 3600B is a full-featured operating table with a variety of positioning capabilities to suit a wide range of surgical and imaging applications. By integrating a wide range of optional accessories, operators can fully customize the Skytron UltraSlide 3600B Surgical Table. With 23-inch top slide, the Skytron UltraSlide 3600B can be easily used in C-arm imaging procedures.


Versatile operating table can be customized for a variety of surgical applications:
Ophthalmic / ENT
Kidney / Thoracic
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Upper / Lower Body Imaging
Neuro: Neck / Lumbar
Table is electro-hydraulic battery powered with removable, 15-foot power cord for battery charging.
Handheld, backlit remote control for stainless steel housing for extra durability.
Using the remote control, operators can adjust the table in the following positions:
Table height
Flex / Reflex
Leg Section Up / Down
Back Section Up / Down
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg
Lateral tilt
Top Slide
Beach Chair
23-inch top slide, full features and optional patient positioning for C-arm access.
9.5 inch slide-to-head for full upper body imaging.
13.5 inch slide-to-foot for full lower body imaging.
Power kidney bridge for safe and easy positioning.
Removable back and leg sections for extended customization capabilities.
Four-point braking system with push button operation, including manual override.
Self leveling breaks for stability on uneven floors.
Maximum load rated at 1,000 lb lift and 800 lb articulation.
Optional: 40-inch carbon fiber extension to meet specialty imaging requirements.


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