Stryker Dual SmartPump Tourniquet System

Stryker Dual SmartPump Tourniquet System

Condition: Refurbished

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Offering intuitive cuff control, superior performance and Operating Room connectivity, the Stryker Dual SmartPump Tourniquet System is an intelligent option for the OR. Continuous monitoring and tourniquet pressure control during surgery are major features of the Stryker Dual Smartpump Tourniquet System. The Dual Channel monitors continuously controls and displays real time cuff activity with support for single cuff, Bier Block, bi-lateral procedures or simultaneous surgeries of upper and lower extremities. Optional Tourniquet Report printer with report summary contains: Total elapsed cuff time, cuff pressure, deflations, inflations and pressure adjustments with time stamps. Report summary prints on 2” x 3” adhesive label and can be attached to patient chart.


  • Large LED screen display
  • 5 hour internal battery backup
  • Stores real time data
  • Simple cuff controls minimizes training
  • Easily connects to printer and external CIS devices
  • Rapid cuff inflation
  • Minimal staff training of intuitive cuff controls
  • Audible alerts when an inappropriate control sequence is attempted


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