Stryker LD304 Maternity Birthing Bed

Stryker LD304 Maternity Birthing Bed

Condition: Refurbished

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The Stryker LD304 Maternity Birthing Bed features simple operation, mobility and an ergonomic design to provide safety while positioning to patient comfort.

The Stryker LD304 Maternity Birthing Bed provides comfort and convenience for both patients and clinicians. With convenient controls, a superior steering system and automatic pelvic tilt, caregivers can easily guide patients through the birthing process without back strain. The ultra-plus mattress keeps patients comfortable. Includes a wooden headboard and an under-bed night light.


Convenient controls, including single button Trendelenburg.
Ergonomically designed foot section helps protect the caregiver from back strain and injury.
Lock-Rite foot section glides off for quick and easy breakdown.
Length-adjustable footrests provide multiple leg positioning capabilities.
Ultra-comfort mattress with integrated, high-memory egg crate topper promotes comfort.
Patented feature moves mom closer to the edge of the bed with the touch of a button.
Three-position side-rails and in-rail motion controls with lockout.
6-inch (15 cm) casters with wheel covers and locking-caster steering.
Four-wheel, steel-ring brake system with centrally located activation pedal.
Automatic pelvic tilt.
CPR release.
Manual backup.
Self-storing handgrips.
Plastic fluid basin.
Under-bed night light.
Wood headboard.
Permanent folding three-stage IV pole.


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