Stryker Secure II 3002 Hospital Bed

Stryker Secure II 3002 Hospital Bed

Condition: Refurbished

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Secure, Intuitive and Flexible

The Stryker Secure II Hospital Bed is a versatile Medical and Surgical bed that features open architecture with intermediate side rails and low bed height, a retractable bed frame that keeps patients comfortable regardless of bed articulation, a single-button in bed scale and Styker’s patented Chaperone® bed exit system and Zone Control® technology.


Intermediate side rail position and low bed height assist with patient entry and exit.
Single-button, in-bed scale provides accurate, repeatable weights with the patient in any position.
Open architecture allows the flexibility to choose any sleep surface.
Retractable bed frame helps keep patients close to their belongings regardless of bed articulation.
Dual pedestal design with 6″ (15 cm) casters.
CPR release.
In-rail fowler/knee gatch control.
Electronic function lock-out control.
Four-wheel, steel-ring brake system with centrally-located activation pedals.
Backrest angle indicator.
Locking-caster steering.
Four traction sockets.
Removable headboard with CPR capability.
Retractable litter top.
Four foley bag hooks and IV receptacles.
Patient restraint locations.
Trend./reverse Trend. controls.


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