GE Procare B40 Patient Monitor

GE Procare B40 Patient Monitor

Condition: Refurbished

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The GE Procare B40 monitor utilizes advanced GE algorithms and proven clinical measurement technologies for accurate and reliable monitoring even in challenging conditions. The B40 is suitable for monitoring adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.  It is easily configured to monitor a variety of possible parameters including NIBP, IBP, ETCO2, heart rate, respiration rate, ECG, temperature, SpO2, agent identification, in addition to gas and respiratory parameters.

The Procare B40 is easy to use for quick training and has a quality 12.1” color display. Fast access buttons provides for commonly used functions increase efficiency and saving time.

You can count on this unit to stand up to the daily wear and tear of any high volume facility.


12.1” color display and one-button access to commonly used features.
Complete portable monitoring solution for adults, pediatric and neonatal patients.
Graphical 72-hour trend display with numerical data.
Modular and configurable with advanced parameters.

Optional Modules for the B40 Patient Monitor

Hemodynamic Module

3 or 5 lead ECG options
Impedance respiration
2-channel termperature
Noninvasive blood pressure
Optional 2-channel InvBP

Clinical technologies:
EK-Pro arrhythmia analysis
ST analysis
TruSignal, Masimo, and Nellcor SpO2 technologies are in the aftermarket.

Neurology E-Entropy Module:

Contains GE’s unique Entropy* algorithm that monitors brain activity in adults and children over age two. This measurement may:

Aid in monitoring the effects of certain anesthetic agents
Help the user titrate anesthetic drugs according to the patient’s needs
Assist in the reduction of anesthetic use and help facilitate a quick emergence from anesthesia


Module assists in essential anesthesia gas monitoring. Includes:

Real-time inspiratory and expiratory values measured direct from patient’s airway: CO2, O2, Fi-EtO2 difference, N2O
Fast oxygen measurement for accurate EtO2 and FiO2 values
Sidestream airway gas measurement for intubated or nonintubated patients
Agent ID of the single agent in use, as well as agent mixture detection
Minimum Alveolar Concentration ( MAC ) and MACage with age, temperature and ambient pressure compensation: E-sCAiO
Sidestream CO2: E-miniC
Sidestream CO2, O2 and N2O: E-sCO
Sidestream CO2, O2 agents and N2O: E-sCAiO, N-CAiO


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