Varian Clinac 23EX Linear Accelerator

Varian Clinac 23EX Linear Accelerator

Condition: Refurbished

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The Varian Clinac 23EX linear accelerator comes with a variety of energy options to treat a wide range of patients. The choice of dose rates, photon beam energies, and electron energies allow for the machine to be adjusted to meet clinical needs. Designed to be upgraded and supported, the Clinac 23EX stays ahead of the curve by helping busy clinics stay up to date and increase productivity.


  • Auto field sequencing
  • Selectable dose rate up to 600MU/min
  • Tight isocenter alignment of the collimator, gantry, couch, and imagers
  • Electron applicators included
  • Choice of electron energies to meet patient needs
  • Two selectable photon beam energies: 6MV and 18MV
  • Modes for special clinical procedures
  • High dose rates across energy spectrum for greater throughput
  • Exact couch for stable, reproducible, and accurate positioning
  • Instant beam-on with dynamic treatment control
  • Large amount of energy options to treat the widest range of patients
  • Enhanced and time-saving dynamic wedge
  • Precise focal spot size for optimum portal imaging
  • Electronic portal imaging systems
  • Optional integrated Varian multileaf collimator


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