Midmark Ritter 223 Barrier-Free Power Exam Table

Midmark Ritter 223 Barrier-Free Power Exam Table

Condition: Refurbished

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With an incredible 18-inch low height, the Ritter 223 High-Low Power Exam Tables make it easy for your practice to accommodate the elderly, expectant mothers or patients with disabilities, easily and efficiently, helping them help themselves.

Accessibility and Dignity for All Your Patients

Getting on an exam table can be an anxious, insecure moment, especially for elderly and special needs patients. The Ritter 223 High-Low Tables lower to 18 inches from the floor, making it easier for patients to get on the table, eliminating excess strain on their backs, as well as, the backs of physicians and staff. This low height means patients can get on the table with no or minimal staff assistance, helping them maintain their dignity.

Measuring 37 inches in the highest position, the Ritter high-low tables also have the absolute lowest and highest height combination on the market, making exams more comfortable. This maximum low and high height also eliminates excess bending and stooping to help your patients onto the table surface, once again minimizing stress and strain on the backs of physicians and staff.

Once a patient is on the table, with a touch of the foot control, the Ritter high-low tables allow precise and smooth patient positioning with minimal effort on everyone’s part. And that goes a long way toward helping your patients — and you — feel relaxed.

The Ritter 223 was designed with you, your patients and staff in mind. Its 18-inch low height helps the patient move on and off the table faster, easier and safer.

The 37-inch full height and optional pelvic tilt enables you to conduct an exam or a pap smear without stressing your back.

The number of disabled and elderly patients is rising. The Ritter 223 Barrier-Free Exam Table offers unprecedented low and high positioning heights — so you can provide the best of care to all patients — whether you are treating the elderly, expectant mothers or patients with disabilities.

The Ritter 223 allows patients to feel more stable and relaxed while they’re waiting or during their consultation, as their feet rest comfortably on the floor. Box tables, even with the step pulled out, suspends patients feet, resulting in an uncomfortable, unstable situation.

The Right Thing to Do — For Your Patients and For Your Practice

Gone are the days of limited exam rooms for disabled patients. With Ritter Barrier-Free tables, more of your exam rooms can be accessible to your special needs patients. This not only puts your patients at ease, but it also makes your practice more efficient.

Of course your staff will love the Ritter 223 more than anyone. An examination table that lowers to 18 inches from the floor means they don’t risk injury from lifting patients. Ease of use and accessibility also mean increased efficiency and an overall increase in patient throughput.

Designed in Collaboration with Experts — You

You’ve been asking us for a truly disability-accessible table. We’ve taken your advice, and done one better: we asked disability experts and disability advocacy groups to offer their opinion, too. Developed in conjunction with these experts, the Ritter Barrier-Free tables — the only tables of their kind — reduce the likelihood of distress and injury to patients who might have difficulty moving on and off an industry standard box style exam table. The 223’s back section is fully powered.

The New Industry Standard

Box-style exam tables have been the industry standard in exam rooms for over 50 years, however they are inaccessible, uncomfortable and inefficient. The choice is clear…Ritter Barrier-Free tables are the new industry standard with powered height and features that are functional and efficient…so why settle for anything less in your practice? The Ritter 223 Barrier-Free Power Examination Table is everything you could ask for, at a price you can afford.

Storage needs – Ritter Barrier-Free tables provide space for up to four paper rolls. An optional rear storage pod provides extra room for supplies, such as disposable gowns and drapes.

The Ritter 223 also offers a stylish, simple-to-use foot control and allows simultaneous movement of the base and back section promoting efficiency.


With unprecedented low and high positioning heights, the Ritter 223 has a power back system. It has a built-in pillow, hideaway stirrups that lock in one of four lateral positions, foot extension shelf to expand the table length, paper roll holder hidden under headrest, storage for four 21 × 3.5 inch diameter paper rolls, polystyrene treatment pan, foot control, Exam Assistant Drawer System™ and leveling screws.

The Ritter 223’s unique arm system accessory gives your patients a stable platform to assist them in getting onto the table.


Seamless upholstery top: 57.5 (H) × 26.5 (W) (146.1 × 67.3 cm)
Cut and sewn, economy upholstery top: 54 (H) × 26.5 (W) (137.2 × 67.3 cm)
Pelvic tilt: (5 degrees)
Drawer heater: (40 watt)
Electrical receptacle: (115 VAC 5 AMPS Max.)
Duplex, hospital grade, electrical receptacle on left side


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